Our Green Policy: Sustainability

Here at Kevin McPhee + Associates, we are constantly researching and making available the latest materials for environmentally responsible building practices. Our architect, Pirkko, is currently LEED Certified, and can advise on the best ways to achieve a more healthy and "green" home. To learn more about what LEED certification is, go here. We are able to provide information and options to any client that feels the need to use these kind of materials.

The ability to produce cabinetry and casework from sensibly farmed (FSC certified) or post consumer raw materials, and the choice of woods that are sustainably harvested, show our core desire to be aware of our impact on the planet. We challenge all of our resource companies on their own "green" practices, and constantly strive to bring new products and solutions to you, our clients. Today, "green" products are readily available, and are always becoming more affordable and varied.

There are many choices on the market today that have a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic. Gone are the days when being environmentally conscious meant surrounding yourself with less attractive alternatives.

Working with local resources, we are able to reduce transit emissions, which in turn, reduces the overall carbon footprint of our company and your home. Kevin McPhee + Associates makes a At the core of our belief is to create homes that are not only healthy for living in, but healthy for the planet as well.strong effort to utilize freight forwarding companies that have aggressive fossil fuel/carbon reduction policies. Some of these companies have reduced their emissions via solar power, hybrid vehicles and fuel conservation policies. One freight carrier alone “expects to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 33 to 66 million metric tons, and nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 200,000 tons by the year 2012, while saving 150 million barrels of oil annually”.

In some cases, sourcing globally gives us the ability to produce goods closer to available resources, whether they be natural, man-made or labor based.

We remain committed to producing our goods with integrity, and only partner with manufacturers who approach their work in the same manner. Both of our overseas, and local, manufacturers are pioneers in socially- and ethically-responsible practices.

The ability for a product to excel at its intended task offers us the greatest opportunity to keep the world green. Attention is paid to the entire life span of the products. By working with top-notch suppliers, we keep unwanted goods out of the waste stream and limit the need for replacing a product soon after installation. Life cycles are considered in the initial design phases, quality is intrinsic in what we buy or commission.

As a company, we have instilled an employee awareness program to better educate ourselves in the pursuit of environmental sustainability.

If you want to incorporate green building practices into your home, feel free to discuss it with us. There are some simple ways to make less of an impact on our environment. We can advise you on even the smallest things we can do together to feel better about your project, and feel better about how you care of the planet.